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Visual Creative &
Media Strategy

Our experience in creative visual communications come from both working with the consultants and having been the consultant who specializes in various mediums. While the strategy, creative, and messaging are critical, the keys to success can often be the competing interests of staying disciplined and taking risks. You've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to run with something new. That instinct comes from battle-tested experience and that's Marsh Strategies. 

From mail to television to digital efforts, compelling creative that strikes a cord within the consumer - whether that be humor, emotion, edginess or shock - effective marketing of both brand promotion and action-oriented messaging should not just convey points but connect with your consumer where they are. 

Once you've opened the door to a relationship with your consumer through the creative, frequency of your communication and layering through other mediums significantly increases the likelihood a consumer will take the intended action. A good strategy will also ensure your intake points for action are thoughtful and intentional to maximize outcomes.  

Brand & Message Development


While some of the best organizations, political campaigns and efforts have a great sense of what they're doing and do it well, they don't always know how to talk about it. With over 20 years of watching the consumer landscape change dramatically one thing has remained a constant: perception is reality. 

Organizations need to understand what they're marketing and to whom - because everyone is marketing something - so understand how to construct a to-the-point brand as well as the messaging strategy and execution model to stay on brand and reap the benefits. 

Marsh Strategies brings decades of marketing experience from direct-to-consumer efforts, public relations programs, mailbox communications, multi-focused digital efforts, and television media campaigns. We've seen what works and what doesn't.  

Strategic Planning &
General Consulting


The most successful American organizations have one thing in common: a vision. Marsh Strategies can help you see your vision and design an achievement program in as little as two days.


Leading an organization - even one with a clear vision - can be difficult. Putting the right people at the table makes it easier. From strategic planning, political advice, budget and operational management, messaging and brand development, Marsh Strategies has enhanced organizations and programs from the top levels of the U.S. Government to the toughest campaigns to corporate engagement objectives. 


Channeling lessons from experiences that cannot be taught, but must be lived, Marsh Strategies offers insights on the day-to-day implementation of communications, political, and strategic programs that lead to victory. 

Public Relations &
Crisis Communications


An important tool in promoting a brand and message is through earned media. Marsh Strategies designs a comprehensive communications program that takes a multifaceted approach to both traditional media and social media mechanisms. 

Most public relations efforts don't exist without some element of competition. Whether it be a true opponent, another effort competing in the same space, or the challenges of your marketing environment, knowing how to stay on offense is critical.

And, when the unexpected puts you on defense, Marsh Strategies has the experience in crisis communications to help protect your brand and messaging objectives that put you back in control. 


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