About Us

Precise is to hit exactly in the same place every time. Accurate is to be on target, even just once.
           Marsh Strategies designs programs that do both. 

Marsh Strategies does business differently. With 20 years of experience in communications, management, and visual media, founder Adrianne Marsh has worked for corporations and non-profits, political campaigns and the U.S. Government, and has damn near seen it all. But she hasn't been alone. Hundreds of diverse professionals are part of the Marsh Strategies network that help our clients design programs aimed to be both efficient and effective. 

Marsh Strategies leads based a wide range of extensive experiences in communications and management. We then work with a consortium of women-owned businesses that offer tailored services provided by veteran women leaders who are at the top of their fields. This structure ensures our clients not only have a team made up of the very best talent in any particular genre within the industry, but at the most efficient possible cost structure.


We look forward to working with you to design both a program and a team that delivers.

About Adrianne

Adrianne Marsh has been an operative and consultant in the fields of television and digital media, direct mail, management and public relations, helping develop programs for corporations and non-profits, government and political candidates at every level of the ballot and throughout the country for 20 years. 

With experience in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas and having focused on specific strategies in the more complex, diverse and often progressive metropolitan centers of those states, like Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Tampa.


Most recently, Marsh was a Partner at AKPD Message and Media, where she designed and executed television and digital media campaigns from statewide to municipal candidates. Prior, Marsh served as Senior Vice President at The Strategy Group. As a lead strategist, Marsh developed and executed direct mail programs for local, state and federal candidates as well as ballot initiatives. 


Marsh has also led her own public relations and political management consulting firm, working with the Democratic Governors Association, EMILY’S List and other private corporate partnerships, independent expenditures and individual candidates. 


As a 20-year veteran of political campaigns, Marsh spent most of her career as an operative on the ground. Marsh managed Senator Claire McCaskill’s last successful re-election campaign in 2012, leading the Senate’s “most vulnerable incumbent" to a 16-point victory. Marsh first worked with McCaskill as her Communications Director in 2006 on McCaskill’s first Senate race where an upset victory unseated a popular incumbent.


Marsh also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Michael Bennet in Colorado in 2010 through both a contentious primary with a convention fight and then on to a tough general election that was won by only 21,000 votes. 


In 2008, Marsh was spokeswoman for the Obama campaign in Florida where she accompanied surrogates and principals, including President Barack Obama and President-Elect Joe Biden, executed a statewide communications program, and led a 34-person communications team.


Marsh got her start in Michigan where she worked for Congressman Bart Stupak, Congresswoman Lynn Rivers’ campaign, the Kerry and Gore Presidential campaigns, and served as the Communications Director for the Michigan Democratic Party. She also served in communications roles for three offices in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  Marsh spent several years with a Detroit-area, non-profit Community Action Agency promoting the mission of helping low-income people to become self-sufficient.


Marsh hails from Linden, Michigan and now lives with her husband, Paul Dunn, and two daughters, Elise and Parker, in Washington, D.C.